About Cathedral Capital

Cathedral Capital is a group of lawyers who don’t practice law, accountants who don’t do accounting, and business people who don’t profess to spend the majority of their time managing their own businesses. Instead, we act as and for the Court, to help bring order to often-chaotic legal, accounting and business situations. The team for each engagement is different because we endeavor to find the right subject matter experts to properly manage each project and achieve the best possible outcome.


Many times, when businesses are placed into receivership, they have suffered because the owners have been in some sort of litigation or personal distress. By bringing together a team of professionals with experience in the relevant industry, plus technicians such as accountants, attorneys, sales and marketing, and business managers, we can help steady the business until the Court or the parties resolve the issues at hand. This means that we do more than simply try to maintain the status quo. At Cathedral Capital, we step into the owners shoes and try to make the best business decisions to benefit all stakeholders.


Businesses need to be valued for any number of reasons. During litigation a subsidiary may need to be sold or closed. Family owned businesses are often at the center of divorces where they need to be divided, sold, or valued so that each spouse has a fair distribution. In bankruptcy, debt load becomes an important factor during the workout phase. All of these situations need a solid evaluation of current and projected operating revenues and expenses in order to make the best decisions. Cathedral Capital has the expertise to model the company using many different methods including Discounted Cash Flow, Book Value and Comp Analysis. From these methods a fair price can be discovered.